Call Center

Our call center representatives go through extensive and thorough training to ensure top-of-line customer service. Skills of our call center employees include: understanding KPIs, strong analytical skills, ability to solve problems, 50+ words typed per minute, self-starters, simplify situations, tremendous patience, and experience with prior CRM systems. Essentially, our call center representatives are professional individuals who work closely with other team members to provide outstanding service to customers by answering questions, handling complaints, and troubleshooting problems with products and/or services. The call center representative may handle a high volume of inbound or outbound calls or both and should seek to create a positive experience for each caller. They will listen to clients to understand the reason for their call, address all questions or complaints, and provide an accurate and efficient response. We are very proud of the team of call center representatives, who have the ability to work remotely anywhere in the U.S. By having our call center representatives working remotely, we can proactively react to any global crisis.

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