Phoenix Health

Keeping a record of the body temperature of everyone that enters your establishment is now the first line of defense against infectious diseases. Analytics from our device turns data into clarity and trust while keeping safety as the #1 priority.

Take Control with Phoenix Health Intelligence

Phoenix Health Intelligence is a non-contact thermal kiosk that checks the body temperature of everyone entering your premises, giving you the control you need to protect your premises and your team.

Features include:

Non-contact, fully automated kiosk, fully assembled, boxed, and ready to ship

Detects body temperature of the user standing in front of the device

Software updated automatically in secure encrypted cloud

Reads temperature in ~1 second

Time stamp entries for attendance, and for digital time clock feature

Facial recognition to allow entry and store regular readings on password-encrypted portal

With face and mask recognition, the unique features of Phoenix Health Intelligence also allow for storage of thousands of staff or student member records—for enhanced personnel management.

Contact Phoenix Health Intelligence for more detailed features, tracking and reporting capabilities, and pricing.

Phoenix Health Intelligence—your first line of defense.

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