Records Modernization

Phoenix Data Corporation delivers data, document and records management solutions that simplify even the most complex processes and operations.

With a singular goal of delivering greater efficiency, productivity and cost savings, Phoenix Data Corporation modernizes and streamlines operations by providing solutions for optimal business processing. With state-of-the-art Mavro technology and a NARA compliant document management facility, Phoenix Data Corporation processed more than 70 million documents within the last two calendar years.

Records Modernization

Application/Claims Processing

Receipt, scanning and integration into electronic data system for streamlined evaluation and processing; archival and destruction of processed documents; all while meeting performance standards. Includes health care claims processing and electronic medical records (EMR).
Records Modernization

Scanning and Digitization

Large-volume scanning, indexing, logging, tagging, inspection and verification, with conversion to electronic format, and storing/archiving new files appropriately or integrating with existing or new data systems and processes.

Records Modernization

Document Management

Processing of raw data through to conversion to electronic formats with verification and integration with existing or new data systems, archival/retrieval and warehousing of information.
Records Modernization

Records Management

Conversion, logging, classifying, storing and warehousing, security, and archival /retrieval or destruction; appropriate clearance levels for handling classified materials.

Records Modernization

Call Center/Help Desk

Protocol, staffing requirements and information technology for customer care and support center operations.
Records Modernization

Mailroom Operations

Design and implementation of efficient workflow, processing and information management systems; scanning, indexing, verification and validation; integration into data systems.

Records Modernization

Staffing and Support

Subject matter experts (SME) and training, staffing and support for scanner operations, indexing and data classification, call center and mailroom personnel, supervisory requirements, quality performance level measurement and documentation, human resource policies, etc.

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