IT Services

When integrating the latest technologies and maximizing their use, Phoenix provides innovative solutions and can incorporate them into existing systems.

Systems Design, Integration and Implementation

Development of interfaces and management tools, networks, systems, workstations and support equipment.

Configuration Management and Documentation

Performance aspects and tracking configuration of networks and information systems; maintenance services, system requirements technical document and ongoing support.

Computational Intelligence Training

Training of military personnel on electronic warfare fundamentals, computational intelligence and engineering systems/project management.

Staffing and Support

Training, staffing and support for scanner operations, indexing and data classification, call center and mailroom personnel, supervisory requirements, quality performance level measurement, human resource policies, etc.

Training Software

Custom software training packages; technical software for training personnel in the use of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software programs or specific software modules; curriculum programs for computerized classrooms and online learning courses in higher education.

Research and Development

Research, analysis, study, experimentation, development and evaluation of technologies and systems for highly-specialized operational functions.

Information Technology Consulting

Technical support for full-systems architecture, design and implementation; integration with new or existing software and networks; coordination planning for long-term utilization of systems.

Quality Assurance (QA)

Quality control procedures, analytical measures and checkpoints within workflow solutions.

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