Health Care Services

Whether for a single medical office, an entire network of providers or a government entity charged with the delivery of public health services, Phoenix leverages information technologies to help customers deliver health care more effectively.

Document Management

Processing of raw data through conversion to electronic formats with verification and integration with existing or new data systems, archival/retrieval and warehousing of information.

Call Center/Help Desk

Keep patient care systems running smoothly with multi-tiered support solutions that range from protocol, staffing requirements and information technology for customer care to full-spectrum support center operations.

Claims Processing

Receipt, scanning and integration into electronic data system for streamlined evaluation and processing; archival and/or destruction of processed documents, all while meeting performance standards.

Conversions Image Capture

Conversion, logging, classifying, archival/retrieval, storing, warehousing and destruction of records; appropriate clearance levels for handling classified materials.

Data Storage/Archival Retrieval

Information conversion to electronic format and storing/archiving electronic data files appropriately or integrating with existing or new data systems and processes.

Conversion to Electronic Format

Large-volume scanning, indexing, logging, tagging, inspection and verification (IV & V), with conversion to electronic format and integration with existing or new data systems and processes.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

Applications development and electronic data systems for health care diagnosis and treatment and secure data storage.

Systems Design and Integration

Intricate systems development and/or integration of new technology into existing networks.

Software Lifecycle Management

Proven software development systems for integration of all required IT or ALM (application lifecycle management) tools.

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