Engineering Services

Phoenix engineering consultants will assess operational needs to plan, design, execute and implement systems that grant control to complex information technology and program needs.

Systems & Software Design and Engineering

Full systems architecture, technical integration, technology deployment support, software components for modeling and simulation prototyping.

Systems Design and Development

Intricate systems development and/or integration of new technology into existing networks, lifecycle management.

Technical Staffing and Support

Software training programs, simulated modules and robotics training and staffing for highly-specialized warfare systems and programs.

Testing and Operation

Software services framework for interoperability, training and evaluation, trials, modeling and simulation prototyping.

Acquisition, Supplies and Provisioning Logistics

Integrated systems for supply chain solutions, streamlined acquisition and delivery of supplies/inventories, communications networks and analytics.

System Safety

System processes and procedures for high-risk operations, including crisis protocols, hazards and probabilities.

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