Computational Intelligence Technologies

Phoenix pioneered Computational Swarm Intelligence and when applied can help optimize a multitude of services, products, operations and logistics.

Logistics and Transportation Optimization

Application algorithms optimize planning time, route scheduling, loading/unloading and delivery.

Resources Evaluation and Allocation

Calculation and distribution of available resources in dramatically-reduced timeframes (minute fractions of seconds) and error margins.

Product Ingredient Mix Optimization

Application of evolutionary computation to optimize product mix and volumes for business, operational, retail and sales efficiencies.

Intelligence Analysis and Data Mining

Identification of anomalies and features of interest within activity patterns in highly dynamic environments.

Electronic Warfare Optimization

Unmanned air vehicle (UAV) mission planning, warfare resources allocation, battlefield management, environment simulation, signals intelligence, logistics planning, intelligence analysis and data mining.

Technical Training and Support

Subject matter experts (SME), symposia and technical workshops, engineering and electronic warfare courses, evolutionary computation courses and training.

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