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Computational Intelligence Technologies

Optimizing scheduling / delivery

Intelligence analysis

Logistics optimization

Unmanned air vehicle mission planning


In the ultimate example of the engineering expertise at Phoenix Data Corporation, our team pioneered Computational Swarm Intelligence and uses it to solve complex problems within rapidly-changing environments in real-time. This evolutionary technology is based on the flocking, swarming and schooling behaviors of animals and societies.

When applied to your organizational challenges, swarm intelligence can help you dramatically optimize a multitude of services, products, operations and logistics. 

“Swarm technology is incredibly fast at coming up with good solutions that save time and money—like helping a logistics company cut the time required to load and stack their trucking containers in half.”
Carol L. Curran, CEO, Phoenix Data Corporation
“The company is successful and growing; it’s impressive working for a company with very high quality standards that looks for new areas, new environments, and new solutions for business.”
Dale Mansberger, Phoenix Project Manager
“We’ve invested in cutting edge technologies to create a strategic advantage for our clients, and being honored as a CIO 100 Award winner shows those efforts are working.”
Carol L. Curran, CEO, Phoenix Data Corporation